Service Collection

This Service Collection crate was created to honor the men, women & working animals who serve and protect. These crates create the perfect display for a badge and years of service.  Any badge or emblem can be custom fit to display for military, police, S.W.A.T., Fire and many more. The crate can be hung on the wall and utilized as a shadow box or placed flat on a surface. A hinged door or Murphy bar door are all options. Most badges can be custom fit. They are an ideal gifts for retirement, weddings, or to display keepsakes and to honor a lost one. 100% of the profits are given directly to the veteran or first responder that creates the piece. The Caliber Collections crates are the ONLY crates available for this service. The cost is $150-$200, prices vary based on the features you choose. If you are interested in a special order please contact us with details and requests.  Delivery method: shipping ONLY (these crates are made in Utah)


The crates were in service during WWII.  They have survived quite harsh conditions, yet came out in excellent shape. Each and every crate is hand crafted and is one of a kind. They can be wall mounted or placed on display on a flat surface. They make great wedding, anniversary and retirement gifts.  You can look through our photo gallery to see some additional ideas. The original writing on the lid states:

Small Arms
Lot D. M. 21192

Specs:  The T1IDR ammunition crates housed 120 cartridges, caliber .50, armor piercing incendiary M8. 10 rounds per carton, 6 cartons per can with a total of 2 cans. The crates weight was approx. 42 lbs. during its service period.

We do our best to preserve the original writing. The majority of the crates come to us with spray paint covering the specs. and several layers of dirt and debris. We hand sand these areas carefully, doing our best to not damage the weather worn stenciled specifications.

Age: WWII 1941-1945

 Customization Menu

Add Leather (for Murphy Bar) $15
Add Door w/hinge (back/bottom/side) $20
Add Shelf (full or half) $10
Add Stemmed Glass Rack (holds 1) $10
Add Railing $5
Add custom badge inlay Free
Add Peg $5
Hanging/Sitting Direction Vertical or Horizontal or Flat

     In an effort to create ways to directly benefit the men & women that have sacrificed so much for our country, we are pleased to announce the Service Collection. This collection is a combination of customized crates, bullet art, and much more.  The handcrafted items are often created by a disabled veterans or first responders. Some of the items featured can be customized and made to order for retirements, weddings, shadow boxes, memorials and more. All of the profits are donated directly to the artist.