About Us

     Artillery Works is a small, creative, family owned business, based in Nevada, that repurposes ammunition material (R.A.M.).  Each item is carefully chosen and given a new life. All of our crates are one of a kind, authentic original war time items. The bulk of our R.A.M. is acquired from WWII, Korean War and the Vietnam War eras. We only use original government issued crates. The majority of our crates have traveled the world and survived wars. For up to eighty years, the crates have weathered extreme heat, rain, snow, and have been discarded or forgotten for decades. They come to us perfectly imperfect and all modifications are purposeful.  We take pride in preserving the R.A.M., making only a few artistic changes and fortifying the existing wood. These crates are built to last for decades. We view our products as still having some life left to offer. 

     All the crates have gone through the process of being additionally fortified, sanded, hand rubbed with a oil based stain and then varnished & sanded several times over. In an effort to preserve the original crate, we make it multi-functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. In an addition to using these unique historic pieces to improve your home decor, it can be utilized, as originally intended, to store ammunition. These crates make wonderful wedding, anniversary and retirement gifts. They are versatile and offer something for everyone. If you are a collector or know someone that is or has served in the military, is a first responder or you are someone who just enjoys a piece of history in your home, our products are the perfect gift to yourself and others.  

Pictured above are a few of the men in our family that served in the military throughout the duration of World War I, World War II, & the Korean War (left to right). 
     Our family has had the honor of serving in all branches of the military, dating back  generations. The rich history of military service is the motivation behind every item we restore. In addition, we have family members who are currently serving or in the past have served, as First Responders. The sacrifices our family, and those who came before us have made, is the reason we have taken the opportunity to create these historic pieces. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
     In an effort to never forget and to honor the past and present individuals who have served our country, we developed a way to show our gratitude. Artillery Works would like to demonstrate its appreciation and acknowledgement to military veterans and first responders, for their continued sacrifices on our behalf.  Artillery Works donates a portion of every purchase to veteran and first responder organizations & support groups that offer services for mental health and the wellbeing of our heroes. Up to 50% of profits per purchase are donated as a part of our commitment to say thank you. If you are interested in making a direct donation to one of the organizations we support, please see our donation section for the links.


- Artillery Works Team xx