General Info & Care

Carefully Repurposed Ammunition Material (R.A.M.) products date back to WWII, Korean War and the Vietnam War, however some items have been acquired from other profound moments in history. We make an effort to only use repurposed hardware to better ensure the integrity of our products.

Most of our crates have been treated with an oil based stain and varnish, which ensures a longer life, however, we do not recommend storing products in direct sunlight, as items may become discolored and/or the finish can become cracked or brittle. Regular dusting with a soft brush is sufficient. If the item requires a wet cleaning, we recommend refraining from using harsh solvents. Using a mild detergent that has been diluted with water, and immediately wiping with a clean wet cloth, then drying thoroughly is best.

In addition, waxing on occasion (once or twice a year) gives great results. We use bees wax to polish the wood. It’s long lasting and easily removable if build up occurs. Oiling your crate is not recommended, as it tends to attract dust, pollen, can discolor, darken and damage the wood over time. Items vary in weight bearing capabilities & must be handled with care, as parts may be uneven & worn. If mounting products on the wall, we strongly recommend using wall studs.

Note: Mounting material + contents not included with purchase.


1. Why do these crates cost so much?

    These unique and often rare items are not always easy to come by. The R.A.M.  requires transportation, storage, equipment & the material requires extensive refurbishing, while still maintaining original integrity. Often, several days are required to create a long lasting finish. All of these historically significant items are striped, stained, sanded (multiple times), varnished (multiple times) and polished by hand. Lastly, the majority of the profits are donated.

    2. Do these crates and boards require special care? 

    Yes, but often it’s simple. See the General Care & Info section for the instructions on how to care for your new purchase. Our charcuterie boards require more specialized care.

    3. Can I have my purchases sent to multiple addresses?

    Yes, purchasing items in separate transactions will allow you to ship them to different locations. 

    4. Are these authentic military issued items?

    Yes, all of our items are authentic with the exception of some of the screws, nails, leather and on occasion additional wood added. We go to great lengths to keep these historic war worn items intact. Feel free to research archived and on-line museum websites.

    5. How do I mount my crate on the wall? 

    Wood screws, a stud finder and a drill should be used when mounting your crate.  The Howitzer Collection has four pre-drilled holes. We strongly recommend you use a stud finder and four 3” wood screws. Use the pre-drilled holes to line up, at least one side (top and bottom) of the crate, with a wall stud. When mounting the other collections, we recommend 3” wood screws. Mount at least one side to a stud using 2-4 screws (depending on the weight intended). Other collections may not be pre-drilled, allowing you to choose how to display. The crates can be heavy once loaded with your personal items, so they must be mounted correctly. Absolutely, DO NOT use framing wire or hooks to hang the crates or boards. They are designed to be mounted not hung!

    6. How much is shipping? 

    Free! For more details, please refer to our Shipping Policy.

    7. How much is actually donated to charity or organizations? 

    We are proud to say that we donate nearly all of the profits, minus a small percentage to restock our supply of crates and material. It’s our honor to ensure that 100% of the profit from the Service Collection is given directly to the first responder or disabled veteran that created the pieces featured. See our donation section to learn more about our selected charities and organizations.

    8. How can I talk to a real person? 

    Unfortunately, we do not have a direct phone number. Please feel free to contact us by email at for the fastest response or direct message us on Facebook, or Instagram.

    9. Can I place a special order or request a certain stain or special feature for a crate? 

    We would love to accommodate all special requests, however, we may not be able to meet all special requests in a timely manner. If you have a specific request please email us a detailed description to with photos if necessary, of what you would like. Holidays will be a difficult time to accommodate special requests quickly so please be sure to contact us several weeks in advance. 


    -Artillery Works Team xx