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This is a custom order item. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Contact us for more info, custom stains & more.

This variation of the WWII crate is the perfect way to showcase the career of Fire, Police, Military personnel and more.  Designed with customization in mind to show our appreciation for the path forged.

This crate has become a perfect display for Fireman Shields & Badges! Our original WWII ammunition crate has had few modifications. The hand-rubbed stains make these crates timeless. This piece can accommodate 1 badge, and 1 shield. Other modifications can be made if requested.

*we may request the original shield and badge to get the perfect fit.

We are more than happy to customize most crates for you. We realize that sometimes the stain you want may not be worries we can make one for you, usually with no additional charge. We just need a few extra weeks to customize it for you. The majority of our larger crates are made to order. However, we usually keep a few different variations in stock.

All of our crates can have a name plate added for a small fee (see Custom Name Plates).




SPECS:  The T1IDR ammunition crates housed 120 cartridges, .50 caliber, armor piercing incendiary M8. with 10 rounds per carton, 6 cartons per can with a total of 2 cans. The crates weight was approx. 42 lbs. during its service period. This bullet was widely used with the Browning M2 Machine Gun.

            Lot numbers are given to each crate.
           LOT D.M. identifies the crate manufactured in Des    
           Moines Ordnance Plant-Ankeny, Iowa.
           LOT L.C. identifies the crate manufactured in Lake    
           City Army Ammunition Plant-Independence, Missouri

DIMENSIONS: 14.5” x 10.5” x 8” (6.25”D Inside)

HOLDS: Shield, badges & more

HANGING DIRECTION: Vertical, horizontal or on desktop.

WEIGHT: 9 lbs. empty

*We can not guarantee the writing will be in tact on all crates. We do our best to preserve the writing but it can not always be salvaged.

(Wall mount hardware and contents not included)